Meet the Piggies Open Day – 18th November, 13:00 – 15:00

Meet the Piggies Open Day – 18th November, 13:00…

Come along to meet the latest arrivals at The Principled Pig – four very cute Oxford Sandy & Black piglets. We’ll have the BBQ going, with some samples to try… and we’ll be shamelessly selling our fabulous pork to those who are interested. There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything however.

I am by no means an authority on pigs, so there will be no formal talk or presentation.  Just come along, “aww” and “ahh” at the piglets, rest your weary legs at the picnic table and sample some of our delicious home-reared pork.

We think there’s real value in children learning where their food comes from – so please do bring them along.  Unfortunately, pigs can bite however and both humans and pigs carry diseases that can cross species – so we ask that children are supervised and do not touch the pigs.  All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Please read the note at the bottom of this page.

We have ample parking, but it might be muddy – bring your wellies!

Please let us know if you’d like to come, as places are limited.

Register your interest using the form below.  Only those who have pre-registered will be permitted entry.

A Note on Safety:

This event will be held on a working small holding, where there may be machinery, equipment and chemicals typical of a working farm in operation.  Barbed wire is in use, and terrain is uneven and slippery.  Every effort will be made to keep you safe, however the safety of you and the children in your care is your responsibility.  Do not cross barriers erected for your safety.  Pigs can and do bite, and carry disease potentially harmful to humans.  For obvious reasons, the pigs are kept behind an electric fence.  A secondary (non-electrified) rope fence will be erected, to deter children from touching the electric fence.  Our electric fence operates at 10,500 Volts.  Touching an electric fence is extremely painful, and potentially lethal to the infirm.  Adults must ensure children do not cross the rope fence and do not touch the electric fence.

Biosecurity is very important to us at The Principled Pig.  In essence, this means ensuring that no diseases are brought onto or off of our small holding – via livestock, feedstocks, vehicles or people.  Please ensure your wellies are clean before you come.  Facilities will be available for you to wash your wellies prior to leaving us.

Car parking will be available in our field.  It may be slippery.  You enter the field, park, and exit the field, at your own risk.  Our property exits straight on to the main road.  Please be very careful when leaving our property – visibility is poor by virtue of the road layout.

Please, no dogs.

You will be expected to sign a disclaimer once you arrive at the event, acknowledging that you are attending at your own risk, and that you accept responsibility.